The Ethnographic, writing assignment help

Make a list of all the subcultures to which you belong, groups that gather because they have
something in common—a set of beliefs, an activity they all enjoy, a sense of common
purpose, etc. You probably belong to many. Then, choose two of those subcultures and
fastwrite for seven minutes on each from the perspective of an outsider. What might an
outsider’s first impressions be? What might he/she not understand or misinterpret? Why?
2. When you hear the word “culture,” what comes to mind? The word “subculture”? How
would you define them? Why?
3. Brainstorm a list of times when you’ve felt like an outsider to a group. Then choose one and
fastwrite about why you felt that way, narrating the experience in detail.

Note: I have no religious belief.

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