The Beatles – Yesterday, writing homework help

The Beatles – Yesterday

The best song for everyone to hear. I have known the Beatles for a quiet long time, even I had not that great interest in music. However, I have not heard about this song at all. I’ve listened to “Tommorrow never knows” and other famous songs, this was totally new to me.

This song is not about wishing that the past could last forever and that change would never come. Yes, there are things in my past that I wish could have back. There are feelings and moments that I hope I will never forget that not only sustain me through the trials of the day but comfort me in the night. This song reminds us that yes, yesterday may have been simpler and it’s okay to mourn that.

I could hear the unique and light main vocal. The violin make me feel relaxing and comfortable. Yesterday, yesterday, yesterday is stucking in my head.

I believe that our future is meaningless without examining where we have come from. I believe that it is only through reflecting on what we’ve done that we can grow and make better choices in the future and I believe in yesterday. From now on…

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