Suppose a coworker just brought you a union leaflet urging employees to sign an authorization card.


Suppose a coworker just brought you a union leaflet urging employees to sign an authorization card. What questions would you ask of the union supporter? What may happen from this point on?

Your discussion is to be submitted in 12-point Times New Roman font using APA format with a minimum of two sources

Students are required to post their primary response (200 word minimum) by Wednesday midnight. Students will respond to at least 2 other postings (150 words minimum each)

1st student response :(rohit akula)


At whatever point a representative is pondering unionizing this could be a terrifying time for businesses. In the event that dangers of retaliation, guarantees of advantages, or different activities would serve to pressure representatives, an out of line work practice charge might be brought against the business Schapers, V. J. (2018). Managers don’t need to address association coordinators. Bosses can tell their representatives that there are expenses to having a place with an association, for example, installment of contribution and commencement charges. In the event that I was a representative and somebody was encouraging me to go along with, I most likely wouldn’t except if I was discontent with the manner in which I was being dealt with while at work. I would inquire as to for what reason would we say we are doing this? What advantages would we say we will escape this? On the off chance that they got enough individuals to sign the card, there will be a political race held to choose if the activity will unionize or not. Prior to the political decision, both the association and the organization will make unfaltering interests to representatives for their votes (McGuire, 2016). There will be a NLRB hearing which just chooses if the organization is following the National Labor Relations Act. This will be a distressing time as a representative since you will either join and do what a dominant part of your associates need or not join and do what a lion’s share of your chiefs and pioneers need.

McGuire, W. C. A. R. H. (2016). Working Class Archaeology. In Transforming Archaeology (pp. 115-132). Routledge.

Schapers, V. J. (2018). Protecting workers in the platform economy, an analysis of tactics 

2nd student response (aparna kosaraju)


Authorization Card

The authorization card gets put together with the rest authentication, and then we need to pass out organization employees. The election should be called union analysis by employees, and these have been lobbies where union should member to attempting laws that changed greater than 50% and these target employees’ signature. The analysis of union has made an election for commerce that analysis the union representing employees of the firm. Authorization can work, I sign the authorization card does automatically work, and these become a member of a union. These are different from union members and represent voting rules and regulations election place. In the United States, the union goals to compensation to developing working conditions and influencing the workplace. The union examines the situation and need to pay and work regulation through the collective designated formal contracts (Stanton, 2000).

There have remained entryways where an association persons endeavored\ to become laws altered, so a more protuberant than parts of the real illustrative marks will refute the obligation for an association race. Global signed this work would continue without issues and the acceptance card is making along within other acceptance cards problem to associations employees, the organization has certified the race would be address by authorized person. The Organization should have a union within unified voice management, and the need for to welfare of work should need to forefront of union work. After the pledge of an association has been completed, a race will start to decide if an association will speak to the workers of the firm at the point when this worker recommends for the scripts for the endorsement of a portrayal race. Organization regulation has given union to follow control that needs to comply with a conflict between the union and development management system. The first approach is asking a question below that is to understand the reason for the request (Knight, 2008).

What is my consent to agree with the following terms?

What is the expected result of my request?

What is the main reason for this permit?

Will we grant any right to the organization within authorization?


Knight, L. V. (2008). Selecting an Appropriate Publication Outlet: A Comprehensive Model of Journal Selection Criteria for Researchers in a Broad Range of Academic Disciplines.  International Journal of Doctoral Studies .

Stanton, J. M. (2000). Reactions to Employee Performance Monitoring: Framework, Review, and Research Directions. Human Performance .

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