Support discussion ideas with peer-reviewed material garnered from at least 1 scholarly article.

Review the article, “Clinical information systems end user satisfaction: The expectations and needs congruencies effects”, and discuss your expectations for satisfaction playing the role of end-user.

Discussion Assignment Expectations

  1. Support discussion ideas with peer-reviewed material garnered from at least 1 scholarly article.
  2. When applicable, provide references and citations in APA formatting style.


Discussion 4

Angela Brooks

In reviewing the researchers’ article regarding user satisfaction, the authors conducted a survey to gather expectations for using a clinical information system (Karimia, Poo, and Tan, 2015). The researchers noted how different responsibilities are responsible for utilizing information systems for various functions.  They examined the link between user satisfaction and motivation to understand how to use the electronic medical records system.  There seems to be a link between satisfaction and the ease of use. As the article demonstrated, the success of information systems are dependent on how the users view the product.

It is important that information systems meet the needs of users. Expectations for satisfaction should partly be dependent on the training that is provided for the health information system.  If a staff is thoroughly trained on a system, it could contribute to motivation and make it easier for the staff to accept. However, if a system is not user friendly, it may make it difficult for users to be satisfied. Further, improvements to systems can also help a user’s attitude to improve and slowly reach an acceptance level.



Karimia, F., Poo, D., and Tan, Y. (2015). Clinical information systems end user satisfaction: The expectations and needs congruencies effects. Journal of Biomedical Informatics, 53:342–354. Retrieved from:

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End-User Satisfaction of Health Information Systems

Lisa Quinonez

The attitude of the users and their continuance to use an information systems is closely linked with their satisfaction with the system. Therefore, making investment in clinical information systems should put the end user into consideration and their satisfaction.   Cognitive framework is therefore essential to help in identifying the clinicians’ satisfaction information. Using the disconfirmation paradigm as the core of the framework is great since it helps in examining the relationship between throughput times, expectations and patient satisfaction. By using the expectations and needs congruence models and perceived performance as the basis of comparing the models helps in achieving the objective of the experiment.

The response rates of the experiment was high which helps to validate the results of the experiment. The fact that it the participants were drawn from public hospitals portrays the actual situation on the ground. The survey methodology helps to empirically validate the proposed research model. To analyze the data, the partial least squares method was used. From the experiment, the results show that clinician’s satisfaction is mostly influenced by the perceived CIS performance. This is closely followed by doctor’s expectations congruence. The results of this research dispel previous findings which indicate that nurses’ expectations and expectations congruence do not show a significant effect on their satisfaction. The need’s congruence however remains a significant influence on the satisfaction of nurses.

As an end user of clinical information systems, my greatest expectation would be to get satisfied with the system. There are three main factors which would greatly have an impact on my satisfaction level. They include systems quality, information quality and service quality. If all these three factors are great, then there is an increased likelihood of being satisfied with the systems as an end user.


Karimi, F., Poo, D. C., & Tan, Y. M. (2015). Clinical information systems end user satisfaction: the expectations and needs congruencies effects. Journal of biomedical informatics53, 342-354.

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