Summary Writing, writing homework help

  • Watch this speech, write a summary.
  • Word count: 600 – 700 words
  • Eight paragraph minimum
    • All paragraphs must be visible
    • Three to five sentences per paragraph
    • Complete and coherent sentences
    • Check for grammar, spelling, etc.
  • Four different hyperlinks – credible sources only
    • All links must be relative to the event topic
      • No random sources
      • No blogs, unless the speaker discusses
      • No videos, unless the speaker discusses
    • Insert each hyperlink in a different paragraph
    • Do not include hyperlinks to the university press release or flyer
    • If linking an image, only is acceptable
  • Three bold items
    • Insert each bold tag in a different paragraph
  • Three italic items
    • Insert each italic tag in a different paragraph
  • Three underlined items
    • Insert each underlined tag in a different paragraph

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