Suggest steps for alleviating the crisis

You will follow the weekly news looking for a situation in which you will hypothetically respond to as a crisis interventionist. For instance, it may be a news story of a bank robbery and you are called to debrief the bank teller and witnesses, or perhaps a house fire where a local family lost all of their belongings and you are called to meet with them.

You will complete a 750–1000-word review format of the incident that includes these 4 primary sections:

1. Explore the nature of the crisis presented;

2. Suggest steps for alleviating the crisis;

3. Teach coping skills; and

4. Help the victim(s) develop resiliency.

This assignment must be in current APA format and must include at least 1 citation of the textbook and at least 1 citation from an outside source. Your paper must also include a title page, abstract, and reference page in current APA format. Your abstract must be 150–250 words. 

Textbook:  Kristi Kanal A Guide to Crisis Intervention 6th ed.

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