Study of Appropriate Project Delivery Methods for Construction Industry, engineering homework help

For this project the aim is to investigate about the delivery methods which are between the owner and the designer and the constructor and to compare between all methods to get finally the best method to be used.

there are some important questions is required to be answered in the project:

1.To analyse the concepts pertinent to project delivery methods selection

2.To select the project delivery method appropriate to Oman situation

3. Establishing appropriate criteria for project delivery method selection

4. Selecting the appropriate project delivery method


1. literature review (10 studies additional to the attached ), with figures.

1. Methodology (the way of preparing this report Data collection, writing stages) including resources primary(interview, questionnaire, site visit) and secondary(Books, Internet, artistic).

2. References should be Harvard referencing style Coventry ( in text references should be included)

3. table of contents


1. For the introduction I will provide you with the introduction that i have.

2. For the literature review i will provide you with the reviewed studies that i have.

3. For the Methodology as mentioned in the question point number 1, and please note that this report is made of 2 parts, this part is “part A” which includes introduction, literature review and Methodology (the report proposal will be attached) , please if not clear ask me more.

also for the methodology: Describe how the research will be conducted. Identify methods of collecting data. Identify analytical methods to be use (give references). Identify sources of information you will use to complete your study, including a complete explanation of the methods of data collection, analysis methods, and statistical tools that will be used to analyze the data. Include a detailed description of all of the major steps of the study, the assumption you will make, and the limitations of the methods you will use.

4. low copy percentage is top priority.

Report Guideline:

 Generally use 1.5 x line spacing unless advised. computer typed using Times New Roman font size 12.

 Heading should be with Font Size 14, Bold.

 It is generally better to place figures within the text rather than group them at the end of the report.

 Give a sequential number to all figures (Fig. 1, Fig. 2, Fig. 3, etc.)

 Add a brief, informative caption to the figures.

 Use Diagrams and Examples to explain your topic (If needed)

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