State what the metaphor refers to. What does it mean?

We all have phrases we use from time to time that are actually metaphors.

For example, I am sure you are familiar with some of the following:

It’s ‘raining cats and dogs’

He has a ‘heart of gold’

Don’t ‘shoot the messenger’

That’s a ‘low ball offer’

For this assignment I would like you to do the following:

1) Choose a metaphor that is commonly used in American English and use it in a sentence. (If you would prefer to select a metaphor in another language you can, you will just need to say which language, translate the phrase, say what it means, and be able to describe the etymology/origins of the metaphor).

2) State what the metaphor refers to. What does it mean? (Try your best to do this without using another metaphor, although you may find this very difficult).

3) Research the origins (i.e. the etymology) of this term. How and when did this come about? You will be doing informal internet research to do this, just provide the link you used at the bottom of your submission.

You will be posting this as a discussion so others can see your metaphors but you are NOT required to comment. (You may do so if you like, but will not receive points). This assignment should be approximately 500 words. Include your word count in bold at the end of your submission.

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