State and National Networking as Psych Mental Health Nurse Practioner



  1. Name one Pennsylvania and one national professional organization that will provide you with professional networking as psychiatric mental health practitioner.
  3. Please identify the organizations, their purpose, membership fees, and the resources they provide. 
  5. Since you are studying to be a psychiatric nurse include the Professional organization of American Psychiatric Nurses Association (APNA)
  6. Please summarize this information and do not cut and paste to the IPPD assignment.
  8. Refer to the Nurse Practitioner Association for details on Nurse Practitioner Association websites.

Nurse Practitioner Associations

Nurse Practitioner Association:


Grading Rubric: 


Grammar, spelling, Intelligible, Quality of writing/organization of paper; and use of APA. Consistently demonstrates appropriate format. Easy to follow clear quality and organization of paper.

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