socioeconomic and health system factors influencing this situation?

Mrs. C is a 45-year-old Hispanic single mother of three children, a girl of thirteen years and two boys of ages nine and six. She has recently divorced her husband. She was diagnosed with colon cancer six months ago and is scheduled to have a bowel resection in three weeks.
Mrs. C. is also responsible for taking care of her disabled sister who also has a boy of ten years of age.
Her mother is hospitalized due to a recent stroke and is an insulin-dependent diabetic. She also has Alzheimer’s disease.
Mrs. C.’s former husband lives in the same community. He provides minimal child support and takes the children every other weekend.
Mrs. C does not have health insurance because she works part-time at a local grocery store.
She tells you she does not know how she will pay for her surgery and is worried about the outcome and the care of her family.

Questions to be answered:

What are the socioeconomic and health system factors influencing this situation?
What stressors are probably affecting this family?
What nursing interventions might you employ to assist this family?
How can community resources be a potential help?

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