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Please keep that in mind and leave time to proofread and revise before turning your quiz in. Please submit your file as a .doc, .docx, or .pdf.

1. Explain in detail how elements of early Caribbean music, hand drumming and lavways (call and response chant to accompany stick-fighting), carried over to the calypso genre as well as to the steel bands.

2. Explain in detail the effects of colonization and/or power differentials (slavery/ indentured servitude) on the steel band tradition (and its precursors).

3. Explain in detail how music is traditionally learned in the Caribbean steel band tradition. How has this begun to change?

4. Explain (in detail) the extra-musical (non-musical) functions of the Caribbean steel band and calypso traditions. How do these function in society?

5. Explain in detail the evolution of the steel band from West African hand drums through the rise of the whole steel band family around 1951.

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