SIMPLE question

Once you’ve begun to settle on a direction for the proposal project, the next step is to consider the reader-users implicated in this project. Complete the following chart considering the needs, values, and expectations of the primary, secondary, and tertiary reader-users of your project.

In short, the primary reader-users are the action takers; they are the ones who will make the decisions regarding what you propose. The secondary reader-users are the advisors; they help the primary reader-users make decisions. Lastly, the tertiary reader-users are the evaluators.

As you complete the chart, identify the specific reader groups. In some cases, a reader group may be one person; the primary reader might be a manager at your company, for example. The more specific you can identify the reader groups, the more specifically you can identity (and later address) their needs, values, and expectations.

Keep in mind an audience of “everybody” is an audience of “nobody.”

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