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Scientific management: humans are motivated by money, and there should be a separation between managers and the workers. This theory results in a dramatic increase in productivity of the workers and profits for the organization, (Lecture 1, 2013).

At the core of Scientific Management lie four principles:

1. Replace rule-of-thumb methods of doing work with ones based on scientific study of tasks to be carried out.

2. Select and train individuals for specific tasks.

3. Give individuals clear instructions on what they have to do, then supervise them while they do it.

4. Divide work between managers and workers, so that the managers plan “scientifically” what is to be done, and the workers then do it (Scientific management/The Economist, 2009).

One thing that I think is inefficient at our hospital is our manager will work as a staff nurse 90% of the time. This creates problems when the manager is working on the same level as you. Friendships are made within certain employees and the manager. This causes conflict between the other employees. It also creates a fine line between your superior and yourself.

An example of participative decision making in our hospital would be involving the nurses by placing them on committees. For example, the rapid response committee, patient safety committee and super user’s committees. These committees allow the nurses to voice their opinions and will assist in their leadership skills.

Participation in shared governance is reported to result in increases in individual nurses’ job satisfaction and sense of autonomy, the development of leadership skill, and increasing knowledge.

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