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2 Page paper onSchool Profile & Decision Making Paper [40 points] Develop your own philosophy as a school leader as it relates to creating effective, high quality schools for culturally and linguistically diverse students. Draw on course readings to outline your core principles and build the reasoning that drive your own leadership practices. Define your beliefs and be able to communicate how they are enacted in practice in all aspects of school life as they relate to diverse students. Choose one school profile from the ones that will be distributed in week 4. Each profile has a different type of task that must be carried out by the school leader. Consider all aspects of what you have learned in this course about educating ELLs and creating culturally and linguistically responsive schools or centers to guide how you will approach the task. Analyze and use the readings and other course content to support a researched-based paper that outlines practical strategies and organizational practices for school or center leaders for these specific profiles

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