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Applied Final Project: Role Reversal Proposal

Part Two of Applied Final Project, Role Reversals: Understanding Our Gendered Selves:

“Challenging My Story” (5% of course grade; due end of Week Four)

One paragraph (150-250 words)

All parts of this project should be formatted in APA style (follow for both essay and citation styles): APA Style Guide:

Must be approved by instructor (“Pass”) to continue with project

Purpose: Role-Reversal Act Proposal

In this section of the assessment, you will choose an act that challenges societal gendered norms or that runs contrary to the way in which you project gender every day. In Week 6, you will go out into society and perform your act, so propose something you can actually do.

In conceptualizing this act, consider what you discovered about yourself as a gendered being in part one.

Turn in one paragraph (150-250 words) describing your act. What do you plan to do, when and where do you plan to do it, and why is it a reversal of your gendered history and current presentation of self?

Suggestions: These acts can be small (wearing your hair differently, or not wearing makeup if you usually do), or large (a radical change in hairstyle or dress, or speaking or behaving differently with others), or moderate (attempting to use exclusively gender neutral language, or suggesting a mixed-gender activity that is usually single-gender). Use your Part One discussion to identify areas of gendered behavior in your life where you can intervene to change something.

For an act to be approved, it must meet the following guidelines:

  1. It must differ from your usual practice.
  2. It must be public (this is fieldwork; it is not sufficient to record your own reaction. Others must be able to respond as well). “Public” does not have to be a large number of people.
  3. It must be noticeable, preferably without you having to explain the assignment to other people (see above about the public nature of the act).
  4. You must be able to perform it in the course of a single day.
  5. It must clearly relate to gender socialization.

Note: You may be a bit nervous about this act; that is normal. You are going against societal norms and your own socialization and breaking your everyday routine. I can tell you that, in the past, the students who had the most trepidations were the ones who in the end learned the most and enjoyed the project the most. Please contact me before the due date if you have any questions/concerns about the proposal.

Rubric for Part Two

Rubric indicates pass/fail. Instructor will respond as soon as assignment is submitted (may be submitted early); Part Two is a pass/fail assignment that you must resubmit until you pass in order to conduct the act and complete part four. Students receiving a pass will have a clear plan for a doable and relevant act.

Hide Rubrics

Rubric Name: Proposal Rubric


Your proposal for the Role Reversal Project has been accepted and approved by your instructor.

Please contact your instructor for further information about this project.

You have not submitted a proposal OR your proposal has not been accepted or approved by your instructor.

Please read feedback to learn how to proceed. Please note that your topic must be approved in order to continue with the additional stages of the Role Reversal project.

Overall Score

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