[Rewriting] Essay about a Student Organization using annotation sources

Every thing you need is included in the attached files, I have picked a Primary source and took pictures of all of the files you might need. The broad research question that guides this assignment is, what activities, events, or movements have CSUF student organizations participated in and how do we interpret their specific significance?

I picked a Organization called ASI ” Associate students Inc.” and that is their website to get more information : http://asi.fullerton.edu/

since i have the primary soruce ready all you need is to write the essay and find 3 secondary source about the organization and draft an annotation of your sources following theSummarize/Assess/Reflect model the Purdue OWL outlines at https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/614/01…(secondary soruce means any source other than the primary so you can use google to look for source about that organization)

Note: I asked this question before and the tutor who did it did it 60% wrong! ill include the tutor’s work in the attached files

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