Revise Paper manifesto on what it means to be fully human in the modern world, writing homework help

During this quarter you will write an original 8-10 page manifesto on what it means to be fully human in the modern world, drawing from global, historical traditions of the pre-modern world and making a case for their significance in your (or your fellow humans’) growth and development in the modern world.

A manifesto is a public declaration of the purpose, principles or plan of action of a group or individual. It declares one’s intentions, goals, ideals, and motives, and it is a call to action; it can challenge assumptions, foster commitment, and provoke change. In other words, it identifies a problem, offers a solution, declares an intention, goal, or ideal and gives explicit directions for carrying out an action plan to solve the problem. Your academic manifesto will be structured as an analytical essay that will include the required components of argumentation. In your manifesto you will:

 identify a personal/ interpersonal problem/issue that keeps you or others from living more fully human

 advance a thesis (declare an intention) and action

to solve that problem

 support your declaration and action plan with evidence (from in-class and outside scholarly sources)

 address alternative approaches to the problem (or


 discuss

/implications of your declaration

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