Respond to at least three peers. In your replies, consider asking questions of your peers about their responses to encourage further conversation

  Guided Response: Respond to at least three peers. In your replies, consider asking questions of your peers about their responses to encourage further conversation. Remember, this is your opportunity to develop connections with your peers. In your replies, consider how your response varies from theirs in terms of challenges you have faced in the program’s coursework or in establishing your ePortfolio. Though three replies is the basic expectation in this discussion, for deeper engagement and community building with peers, you are encouraged to provide responses to any comments or questions others have posted for you, including the instructor.



Greetings class. My name is Ann Duesbury ad I am earning my MAED.  I am currently the director for The Salvation Army Early Care and Education Program in Sacramento.  One professional goal I have is to improve the curriculum in the center.

The knowledge I have gained in the coursework has supported the work I do.  I apply the topics of discussions and assignments to my job and share it with the staff I supervise.

My daughter broke her ankle while away at college.  I had to fly to Hawaii and be with her for the surgery and convalesce.  I did not have the time to finish the final for the course I was enrolled in at the time. I was disappointed in myself because I brought everything I needed to work on the paper, and there was down time to get the work done, but I could not concentrate and failed to meet the deadline.

I had to move on.  I put my disappointment on the side and took the course again.  It put me behind, and I regretted not being more on top of it, but finally, I forgave myself and focused on the fact that my daughter was recovering. The experience had made me diligent about deadlines.

Anthony Bonner Sr

Part 1

Greetings Everyone,

My name is Anthony Bonner. I am currently a fifth grade teacher at my school. I have the luxury of working for my wife of 32 years, who is the school Principal. Also, I am a Navy Retired officer, Coach for our boys and girls basketball, track, and soccer teams, as well a mentor to students at my school and several other schools within my school district. I am finishing up my master’s in education. My goal in education is just to learn more as a life-long learner and continue to just pass on knowledge to students that I interact with daily. I’m living the dream everyday because of my life experiences and the fact that I get to enrich lives to promote that positive change our youth needs today in our society.

The biggest challenge for me during my time at Ashford has been learning how to spread myself around like peanut butter (time wise between working and all the other hats I wear to ensure our youth gets my best when it comes to meeting all their needs). I have always had a knack of balancing this and other challenges through the Grace of God and my steadfast faith in him. Teaching just helps me focus on the purpose of giving back to my community as much as it has given to me ten fold so others can see the light of how we each can compliment the needs of others around through compassion and selfless works as Jesus Christ has done for us. Philippians 2:4 “Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.” This quote is what I strive live by throughout my life on a daily basis and drives me to work to make a difference in the lives of others.

Part II

Eportfolio account 

Part III

This is something new technology wise but it seems to serve a purpose. It was a nice link to move around in and with time I hope to become more comfortable in its usage. This is kind of like a one stop shopping kind of site to preserve your work in for future reference. So I am hoping I set this up right so it can be a more useful tool to me going forward.



Hello, my name is Sebrina Tobler and I am in the Early Childhood Education Leadership program. My professional; goal is to be a daycare owner. The Early Childhood Education Leadership master’s program has supported me toward achieving the professional goal to be a director as well as a daycare owner.
The challenge that I have experienced is having time to interview a teacher in my last class. I do not work with children now so my career as a counselor inside the prison working hours is the same time as teachers inside the classroom and we have been short staff lately making it hard to be off. Everyone has a busy work schedule and it was football season, so we are either involved with high school football or college football on the weekend. I interviewed them over the phone, and I think if I could have been in the classroom with them, I would have accomplished more. The experience made me aware that I need to observe the participation in the classroom to sharpen my knowledge and learning of the performance of an educator. I did have the experience to work with small children the past weekend inside the prison. We have a weekend set aside each month that some of the women get a chance to have a visit with their kids without caretakers so I was on duty as a counselor with the offenders and their children and it was quite an experience because some of them have not visited their children without another caretaker being around in 3 to 4 years.

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader”. President John Quincy Adams

Part 2.

Part 3. Reflect on Experience
I experienced difficulties getting into my e-Portfolio account. I forgot my password, but I reset it and posted my introduction. I will not use my account unless it’s classwork that I must post. I will use my email.


Pathbrite. (Links to an external site.)(

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