Resource Critiques

Instructions for Resource Critiques

For the purposes of this assignment, resources are defined as Books, Articles, and Websites. Any resource you use should provide you with detailed information about a career or the world of work.

Books: Books are career-specific books or books about the career search, such as Richard Nelson Bolles’ “What Color Is Your Parachute?”

Articles: Articles can be from professional journals, magazines or newspapers. The articles should be about or discuss specific careers or issues impacting the workplace such as flexible schedule, emerging technology in the workplace. Some good sources would be The Wall Street Journal, Vocational Biographies or professional journals.

Websites: These can be industry/career specific or related to career planning. Resume posting services don’t count. Please provide printouts of the articles you are critiquing.

Here are the directions:

1.) Summarize the main points of the article or information. Don’t go to extremes- don’t rewrite the whole article, but don’t be so brief that I don’t get a comprehensive understanding of the main points made or information provided. YOU MUST USE YOUR OWN WORDS!!! You may copy a sentence here or there, but uses quotation marks and cite the source.

2.) As you write your critique, consider and answer the following:

a.) In what ways is the article, etc, helpful or not helpful to you in learning more about the world of work or this career?

b.) Has this resource increased or decreased your interest in the career discussed? Why?

3.) Provide a link to the website resource used or a bibliography of the resource.

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