researched arguing a position essay ( Animal rights )

PLEASE read carefully, ( For the researched arguing a position essay, you are to choose a contemporary and controversial issue to argue the validity of your point of view or belief in regards to that issue. Remember, first need to explain and define for your audience your understanding and any relevant background of this issue and then express your point of view, belief, or opinion through a clearly worded assertion (thesis). You should offer reasoned and logical support in illustrating why you have the point of view or belief you hold using reliable and authoritative sources evidence to argue your claim. This is a researched essay that requires a minimum of five sources (limited to two reliable websites) used in support of your argument You should have at least three clear argumentative points in support of your overall assertion claim pertaining to the issue. It is within these individual points that much of your research will be focused in order to show and illustrate the validity of your position Remember, too, that you need to address the opposing position in some manner of acknowledgement and/or refutation in the principle body of your essay. This will further demonstrate a clear understanding and sensitivity of the overall and often complicated scope and breadth of the issue You can assume the audience of this essay is a group of generally educated readers who are, at best, undecided about the issue and are looking for thoughtful and well-articulated arguments to help inform their decision. Remember to think and write rhetorically-consider purpose, audience, and the several writing strategies, frameworks, and ways of thinking about argumentation you have at your disposal This should be at least five pages in length. Remember, the basis of this essay is your view on the subject. You have information pertaining to others’ arguments, positions, and views, but those are, as we discussed, relegated to a supporting role for your overall purpose. Make sure to have clear and correct MLA documentation throughout with an appropriate MLA Works Cited page attached.)

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