Research Proposal on legalization of marijuana, writing homework help

I need a proposal for an upcoming research paper, that may follow up on here if you do an awesome job! My topic i’m wanting to research is the legalization of marijuana, all the pros/cons of it basically. The guidelines are provided.

Needs to have sources for the information you gather!

Components of the Proposal (Writing 2)

Since this is a different sort of writing than most of you have ever written, we will spend some time talking about what a proposal needs to be like.

The following will serve as the main sections of your proposal:

1.  What is the central research question in the study?

2.  What is so important about the question? 

3.  What are your qualifications for carrying out this study? 

4.  What have other theorists/researchers had to say about the central research question you are investigating? (This is also often known as the “Review of the Literature” section of a prospectus. It should summarize five sources.)

5.  What other forms of research have you considered?

6.  What is your tentative schedule for completing this study?

7.  A tentative list of works to be cited (at least 5)

Audience for the proposal

Assume for the prospectus that you are writing directly to me (your “research director”), convincing me of your capabilities to carry out the project. What this means, of course, is that I probably know very little about the area you are investigating. Therefore, you will have to be quite specific so I am clear about what you are planning to do in the study.

Evaluation of the Proposal

The following will be my criteria for evaluating Writing 2: 

1. How convincing is it?
2. How thorough has the writer been in investigating what he/she wants to study?
3. How specific are details, especially in the review of the literature section?
4. How clear is the style?
5. How well-arranged are the sections: overall? within paragraphs?
6. How well-controlled are grammar, usage, spelling, and punctuation?

Writing two is the starting point for writing three. Rather than being a “paper,” Writing 2 is a research proposal that will preview such issues as what your ethical argument (Writing 3) will be about, why you are interested in it, how you will go about it, and what other theorists have already said about the topic. This assignment should be at least three pages long, and it will include a “Works Cited” page (which will use MLA documentation). 

I will be providing a sample of what this whole proposal paper needs to look like, and a copy of the guidelines.



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