Research Paper, writing homework help

At least 4 typed pages of text. plus ” work cited ” page.

you MUST make substantial use of at least 3 books and at least 5 articles as sources.

Standard MLA page format.

All information except direct quotes is to be presented in your own words.

Along with your paper, turn in 5 sources pages from any of your sources, highlighted to show where you got the information on that page. For instance, (Jack 212) , you need copy the page out and highlight your source on this page.

Good online databases for literary articles: Academic OneFile; Dictionary of Literary Biography; JSTOR- Arts and Sciences; etc

Pick one of the following authors,. The first half of your paper should be biography of the author. For the second half , find literary criticism of one or more of the author’s works, and report on what those critics say about the work.

Katherine Anne Porter Ivan Turgenev

Virginia Woolf Gertrude Stein

Philip Roth Stanislaw Lem

Raymond Carver Richard Wright

Zora Neale Hurston Albert Camus

your first part, which is the biography of the author, the sources need from the 3 books. For the second part, the sources needs form 5 articles.

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