Research gaps

My topic: Impact of servant leadership on school climate and culture


From the readings about leadership/management theories, and what you learned from your leader interview, you will identify a problem that has yet to be researched (at least to your knowledge). This is called a gap in the literature. Using the resources that you have gathered, along with those presented in this course, write a research paper with the following elements (in this order):

  • Thesis statement with supporting introduction
  • Problem statement and explanation of the problem
  • Literature review (may also include the interview notes, but must include literature relative to your topic)
  • Identification of the gap in the literature you reviewed (What is missing? What was not covered?)
  • Suggestions for future research

Remember that your audience consists of the scholars in your field of concentration. With that in mind, your paper should demonstrate scholarly elements of critical thinking, argumentation, and synthesis.

Length: 8 pages not including title and reference pages

References: Support your work with at least seven scholarly resources.

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