Research article , writing homework help

A key skill is learning how to read, summarize and abstract the most important content of a research article. Read requirements carefully!

Please write a 1000 words summary of the article, include the author’s abstract (this does not count towards your 1000 words summary).

Your paper should include all of the elements here: 

1.  Citation format of the article in the APA style.

2.  Author (s)’s abstract

3.  A brief and fair description of the article in your own words and that should include answers to these questions

a.  What is the topic?

b.  What is the research question?

c.  What is the practical and scholarly motivation/justification for this research question?

d.  How is the research question answered?

e.  What are the findings?

4.  What topics and questions warrant further investigation from this study?

5.  What is your assessment of the quality of the research study and why?

6.  Footnotes or endnotes may be used to provide clarifying or elaborating material that is valuable for a reader, but not essential for your argument. 

·  Tables and Figures should be included at the end of your paper after the reference list.

NB: Items 3-5 above should be covered in your 1000 words summary

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