REL2300 Broward College Religious Reasons Why Most Jews Don’t Believe in Jesus Paper


I would like from you to read the following description carefully, step by step

This is a research paper about religion. I will give you two questions that I would like from you to do research about them and write a paper.

The first question is the primary question.

The second question is the secondary question.

My first questions is : why do most of jews not believe in jesus? ( The paper will be about this question the most)

My second question is : Describe some of the problems in today’s world that seem to be involved with religion and some ways religion can help inter-group and international understanding.

The paper should be between 1000-1500 words

Just to let you know I already chose the questions which I listed above, so in file that is called “Part 1” you only need to read and get an idea. The other files describes the paper how it should be organized and what you should include.

Read the files in order and let me know if you have any question

Thank you.

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