read book write 4 pages paper

You may take some aspect of our class – some text, a debate we cover, a topic, an author, an issue that you will use as a springboard. You may take issue with something I, or a student, said in class. Perhaps a question piqued your imagination. On the other hand, you may be drawn to something that we did not cover yet still speaks to the concerns of the class (it must speak to the conjunction of translation, language and how they shape our daily life. As you prepare your essay, you should make sure that your first paragraph clearly states your goal and your thesis statement. The subsequent paragraphs should develop your arguments in an organized, coherent fashion and lead to a plausible conclusion. Don’t forget to create a title for your piece. Please also make sure that you have all your references properly cited at the end. Please bring a hard copy of your essays and motivated questions. I strongly encourage you to meet me before developing your ideas for your essays. Please note that schedule of readings is tentative. I have bolded the assigned readings.

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