Railway Transportation, engineering assignment help

Hi, I am requested to investigate rail network in countries ( Turkey and Malaysia ) by answering the below questions.

  1. Railway network map (selected countries and by country, exist and future plan);
  2. Network length (km), passenger and freight corridors separately (intercity);
  3. Network length (km), city and urban track such as subway, light rail transit (LRT), Trams, … ;
  4. Heavier and general axle-load in their network
  5. Amount of maximum annual traffic in million gross tons in which line;
  6. Track components; material types and general specification of 1- Rail and rail joint, 2- Sleeper, 3- ballast and 4- fastening systems;
  7. Explore the basic differences between their design methodologies if there are.
  8. What is the governed factor(s) and critical parameters are affected in their track design? (i.e. Load, weather condition, topologies, social issues, strategic corridors and etc.)
  9. Which standards are they using in their networks in viewpoint of track design?
  10. What are the salient features and landscape of each railway network by countries?
  11. Which large railway projects is presently under construction and identify existing plans under research.
  12. Analyze the railroad infrastructure organization chart, how are they managing rail network?
  13. In summery part, make comparative table according to your selected criteria.

Please note that proper referencing and paraphrasing must be carried out when using a document as a reference for your work. It is necessary to be answered these questions in your report clearly.

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