Proposing Courtship by kass and kass, assignment help

Please see attachment for assignment

Task Sheet for Summaries

Example of Summary: An example is provided in the Week One Folder.

  Watch (20 minutes).

  Ask students take 5 minutes to respond:

  “What struck you about that? What interested you?”

  “Do you agree or disagree?” “Why?”

  Then present my PowerPoint presentation on summarizing.

  Go on to Thomas Sowell article.


Review the PowerPoint lesson, “Summarizing.”

Apply the principles of good writing to your summaries as well as your essays.

Summaries will have depth consisting of 2 to 3 pages (typed, double-spaced, using 12-point Times New Roman font with standard APA margins) based on assignment. This means the discussion you present is more than one and a half pages and not over 3 pages in length. Do not use more than 2 quotes in your draft. This does not include the cover page and references. An example summary with feedback is provided in the Course Content Folder for Week One.  You will submit your summaries using email in Blackboard.  See Syllabus for due dates and assignment criteria.

Consider the following when drafting your summaries.

Criteria One: Succinct

  • brief or concise
  • the central idea (the thesis)
  • the main points
  • highlight the most important details

Criteria Two: Accurate

·  faithful to the author’s content

·  faithful to the author’s intent

·  full comprehension is essential

·  no distortions, additions or omissions

Criteria Three: Comprehensive

  • Beware the tendency to focus on only the parts you understand or the parts which you find most interesting.
  • Include the following:
    • the central idea or aim of the discussion
    • the main points
    • any crucial details
  • No omissions or additions or distortions

Structure: Open with identifying information

·  Aim and scope

·  Main ideas or points

·  Assert focus points or talking points

Then present in the order you establish.

Close with summary based on the work presented.

 Note: All summaries are submitted via email to me on Blackboard. 


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