proposal and annotated bibliography

Purpose: The purpose of the formal proposal and annotated bibliography is to explore your topic and to hone, aggregate, and evaluate your research. The proposal and annotated bibliography should help to develop your argument, define the role that each source will play in your paper, and indicate any gaps in your research thus far.

Assignment – In 2 pages,

  • a. describe the topic you intend to research and why it interests you 
  • b. describe your current knowledge of the topic and possible areas of concentration.
  • c. propose at least three research questions that address or could lead to a thesis.
  • d. describe the process and current state of your research, including how you found your sources and how they have affected your perspective.

2). You will will create a properly formatted Works Cited listing five valuable sources, including two OR one peer-reviewed article, and one personally gathered primary source (i.e. an interview or collection of data).

3). Below each source, you will write four to five sentences describing/summarizing your source and its value to your argument.

(Valuable online sources should be evaluated for sponsor credibility, and will likely be .org, .gov,or .edu sites).

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