Professional Awareness Research Project

This research project has two components: (1) selection of a famous nurse with major contributions to the nursing profession and (2) timeline indicative of the time allotted for completion of this project. The assignment is due on May 2nd,2020 Saturday. This assignment comprises 5% of your final grade for this course PN113L Professional Awareness.

You may choose from the list below or find a famous nurse more to your liking.

Helen Fairchild Mabel Keaton Staupers Christiane Reiman
Elizabeth Grace Neill Mary Jane Seacole Mary Breckinridge
Margaret Sanger Isabella Baumfree Sophie Mannerheim
Mary Elizabeth Mahoney Dorothea Dix Mother Teresa
Florence Nightingale Hazel W. Johnson-Brown Claire Bertschinger
Susie King Taylor Virginia Avenel Henderson Edith Cavell
Clara Barton Lillian Wald Sarah Emma Edmonds
Mildred I. Clark Ruby Bradley Anna Caroline Maxwell
Jane Delano Louisa May Alcott Diane Carlson Evans
Anna Goodrich M. Adelaide Nutting Lenah S. Higbee


Component Description Points
Your name, title of paper, body of paper is 150 – 350 words Student’s name is evident.

Title is displayed.

Identify nurse selected with rationale for choice Famous nurse selected is identified within the paper. Students explains reason for selection. 15
Contribution to the nursing profession Discussion of selected nurse’s contribution to the nursing profession. Length of paper meets word count minimum of 150 words to maximum 350 words. 50
Resources identified (Wikipedia is not a credible resource) Resources of information retrieval are noted 5
Timeline Timeline for project completion included with the number of minutes per day 25
Total 100



Student Nurse

Florence Nightingale


The famous nurse I selected is Florence Nightingale. The reason for my selection is because………..


Florence Nightingale was born in the year 1820 in Florence, Italy……….In 1910, Florence died in her sleep of heart failure at 90 years of age.



Success in Practical/Vocational Nursing: From student to Leader 8th ed Knecht, Patricia


Your timeline can be a blank weekly/monthly calendar with entries on the day for time dedicated to working on the project. You may also create your own timeline depicting the time spent on any given day working on the assignment.

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