Preparing For Organizational Change

Course Project Part 2: Preparing for Organizational Change

Part 2 of the course project is to identify potential organizational barriers and resistance that might be encountered as a result of the upcoming changes. This section of the course project should focus upon the impacts the planned changes will have on employees within the organization, types of barriers that might result from employee resistance to the upcoming changes, and strategies that might be used to overcome those barriers.

You are not required to identify which strategies will be selected to deal with anticipated employee resistance to change. Rather, this section should identify possible strategies for overcoming the barriers and evaluate their potential effectiveness in the selected scenario.

You must incorporate at least four other scholarly resources as part of their examination of potential strategies for overcoming anticipated barriers to change. You should begin by identifying the scenario that has been selected for the course project.

Part 2 of the Course Project should be four to six pages in length, not counting the cover and reference pages. Use APA style format for this projects.

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