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hello, the assessment requirements are

Your task is to investigate the climatic causes for the collapse of the Mayan and Khmer civilisations. For this practical report you are required to read Kennett et al. (2012) and Buckley et al (2010). Your practical report must address the following questions in less than 500 words:

What climatic factors contributed to the collapse of the Maya and Khmer civilisations?
How did this climate variability contribute to the collapse of these civilisations?
Did these civilizations employ any technology to adapt to the effects of climate variability?
Were these mitigation technologies effective?
What can we learn from these past civilizations to better manage our current resources in the face of a changing climate?

Please use in-text citations as required and provide full citations in a bibliography section at the end. You are not required to read and cite additional literature, but you can if you wish. Your reference list does not count towards your word limit. Use the Harvard (Author date) reference style.

and i attached the other reading

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