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dards are designed to provide a framework from which the psychologist makes ethical decisions for which there may be no easy answer.

Ethical Dilemma: Imagine you are a psychologist treating a minor child for depression and minor cutting. Because the child’s parents are divorced, you obtained consent to treat the child from the father, the custodial parent. The mother (noncustodial parent) calls you and wants to be involved in her son’s treatment. The father does not want mother involved; he divorced her because of her drinking and she continues to drink.

In your discussion, consider this ethical dilemma imagining you are the psychologist. What are the different perspectives you must consider and what APA general principles and standards would you utilize to inform your decision about the course of therapy? Include in your discussion the “Elements of Thought” related to your ethical reasoning (purpose, assumptions, point of view, implications).

Response Guidelines

Your response to the discussion dilemma should include the following:

  • A statement of your position. (If you were the psychologist, what would you do in this case?)
  • Arguments to support your position (case information and APA ethical principles and standards).
  • Evidence (information) from the article “The Ethical Practice of Psychotherapy: Easily Within Our Reach” to support your steps in the resolution of this dilemma.

Please keep all responses in the discussion room professional and support all your views with the publications. Personal attacks are not tolerated and will be reported to the administration. Please remember not to disclose sensitive personal information in the courseroom. This is not a confidential environment and information posted is kept and stored for a number of years.

Post to at least two other learners to extend the dialogue and encourage their critical thinking using the “Elements of Thought” (assumptions, points of view, inferences, implications).

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