Please describe your leadership style 

Do you have experience hiring and/or managing people? Yes

Please describe your experiences and associated responsibilities and duties in those roles. Please highlight how many people you managed in each case. 

Do you have experience owning and operating your own business? Yes

Please describe your responsibilities and duties in these roles. Please highlight relevant people management experience.

If selected to own and operate a Delivery Service Partner, what personal and business goals would you hope to achieve by starting your company? 

What three words would you use to describe the culture you would foster at your company? Explain why you chose each word to represent your company’s culture.

Please describe your leadership style 

Please list and briefly describe your current involvement in the community (i.e. social, public, private, and professional organization)?{ ANS: PROFESSIONAL Organisation, provides health services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disability}

Is there anything in your personal, professional, or financial history that requires explanation? 

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