Personal Narrative (Reading & Essay #1

Personal Narrative (Reading & Essay #1) April 13 100 points
Your Tasks: Read They Say Chapter 14, “Hidden Intellectualism” on pp. 244-251, and
Personal Narratives pp. 58-61 in LSH. Next, write a personal narrative that answers the
following question: what did you love, know, and analyze as an adolescent the way
Gerald Graff loved sports?Adopt a template from They Say, one that allows you to respond to Graff while keeping
the focus on your own experience. Remember Chapter 7: just because something
happened to you, doesn’t mean your readers will care. You have to make us care. Your
audience is your classmates and me. We have read Graff’s essay. Refer the author by
his last name only.
See the Essay Rubric under Content before you submit your essay to the Essay #1
Dropbox. Your essay should be 750 to 900 words long and must use standard English
grammar and mechanics. Be sure to use MLA style citations and a works cited entry for
Graff’s essay.
Grammar refers to sentence structure and parts of speech. Mechanics refer to
capitalization, spelling, typographical correctness, and punctuation. See yellow
bordered pages and the Checklist for Revising and Editing on the inside flap of LSH.

Essay Rubric:

Worthwhile content distinguishes the A essay. The introduction engages the readers and clearly states a thoughtful, perceptive thesis; the support is concrete and so rich in detail that readers learn by reading the essay. The ideas are logically organized to achieve maximum effect; transitions are graceful. Sentences flow smoothly, showing creativity and variety. The writer is obviously comfortable with his or her material and knows enough about the subject to explain it in great detail. Few, if any, errors distract the reader from the writer’s superior thought.

I will send you the chapter copies by tonight.

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