Peer reviewed response to editha and the real thing.

Scholarly sources are peer-reviewed articles written by experts in a specific field. When you are writing a paper, they are also typically referred to as secondary sources. You can read more about what a scholarly source is here. You can also view the difference between popular and scholarly sources by watching the video here: SPC Library Guide. Scholarly sources are not only the best and most credible sources for your research paper, but reading these will give you a better idea of what a literary analysis/interpretation should do and look like.

In the folder labeled “Scholarly Articles” above, you will find short scholarly articles about “Editha” and “The Real Thing.” For this assignment, you need to choose one of the articles to read. As you read, you will want to try to identify the author’s argument about the short story. You should also make note of the evidence (textual support from the story, which is considered a primary source) that the author uses to support his or her argument.

Assignment: After you have read your article, write a short essay (approximately 400 words and at least three paragraphs) that determines whether or not you agree with your article’s argument. Consider whether or not the author’s interpretation of the story agrees with your own. You might also think about whether or not the author uses sufficient evidence from the story to support his or her argument. Use the outline below to construct your essay. Make sure you read the assignment requirements after the outline as well. You may want to view this Sample Scholarly Source Response.


1. Introductory Paragraph: This paragraph should introduce your article by its title and author name as well as the original short story you are working with. You should include the author’s argument, but you might also choose to include a brief summary of the short story as well. You should also end this paragraph with a thesis statement that determines whether or not you agree with your article’s interpretation.

2. Body Paragraph 1 (and possibly 2): This paragraph should develop your thesis statement by including details about why you either agree or disagree with your article. You should use direct quotes from both the original article as well as the story. You may also paraphrase from the article. Any quotations or paraphrases must include an in-text MLA citation.

3. Conclusion: Sum up your essay.

Assignment Requirements

  • Essay must be in MLA Format.
  • Essay must contain a thesis statement that addresses the assignment
  • Paragraphs should be organized and unified/coherent.
  • Direct quotations should be introduced (see the handout in the Start Here folder called Avoiding the Floating Quotation).
  • Include a Works Cited page and in-text citation (See the Citation information in the Writing About Literature folder in the Start Here section).
  • Submit your essay to this dropbox as .doc, .docx, or rtf file. NO PAGES files or PDFs will be accepted for credit.
  • Approximately 400 words
  • Do not use the first person (I) or the second person (you).

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