PAX5 protein how it cause Leukemia, assignment help


Iam done with my paper see it below in doc file with the title of writing fall but after my teacher saw it he add some note could please fix what he asking for English is my second language I dont know how to do it

so this is his common

( You should give me the name of a particular disease. Then you can discuss how mutations of the gene, which appears to be a transcription factor, affect the organism in question. For a transcription factor, expression of many genes may be affected. so the disease may be lethal. You may want to look up a review paper on transcription factors and diseases.)

the particular disease is Leukemia

the protein i chose which is PAX5 that cause Leukemia but I dont know how to write about

the instructor and the question for paper is in doc with this title Writing Assignment Instructions_Spr17

please make sure dont pilgrism

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