Patient scenario

Patient 1: 35-year-old man with a history of anxiety,chronic marijuana use, and chronic back pain. No current medications or other history, but he has been consistently complaining of back pain since joining the Thursday night league volleyball team. Single, lives alone, and works at a fast food restaurant. Heterosexual and consistent use of protection (barrier).

  • Offer three differential diagnoses for what might be troubling your patient.
  • Provide rationale with citations for each of your differential diagnoses.
  • What would be your first course of action for your patient?
  • What safety issues, if any, did you recognize for your patient?
  • Summarize the scenario and what you chose as your final diagnosis for your patient and why.
  • Make sure that you address psychosocial issues/concerns/contributors, along with content related to substance abuse, should this be appropriate.
  • This assignment should take no more than 1–2 pages, not including your title and reference pages.

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