Paddys Pool Problem, chemistry assignment help

A chemical engineering company obtained the samples that Paddy collected out of the jungle and recovered a map he had drawn. Satellite surveys have confirmed that there is a round (cylindrical) pool with a layer of sediment in it on top of an extinct volcano exactly where Paddys map indicated. The satellite survey further determined that the pools dimensions were 0.109 miles in diameter and had a total, uniform depth of 3.53 meters which included the layer of sediment. Based on Passys perfectly proportional samples, the company had determined there is a 0.11g of gold per 1.0 gram of dry sediment. Because of this, they have estimated that they will need to spend 10 billion dollars to recover the gold from the remote pool on top of the volcano. 

How much gold does your sample contain? 

Is there enough gold in the pool to make $10billion investment to retrieve it worth while?

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