Outline for Final Project

Outline for Final Project

The Final Project is a report soliciting support from the Board of Trustees, School Board, or similar body with authority over your imagined organization. In this week’s assignment, you will develop an outline for this report. Your assignment must:

  1. Use an outline form (See Section 3.2 in the Writing Center for an example – attached at the bottom)
  2. Clearly utilize each of the 10 elements required in the Final Project:
    • Description of imagined organization (Week One)
    • Job description for the instructional designer (Week One)
    • Description of scenario requiring assessment (Week Two)
    • Justification for choice of needs assessment model (Week Two)
    • Elements of the instructional system (context) to be considered (Week Two)
    • Learning objectives for identified need (Week Two)
    • Completed learner analysis (Week Two)
    • Description of a learning styles model relevant to scenario or justification for not applying a learning styles model (Week Four)
    • Suggested instructional strategies based on instructional analyses (Weeks Three and Four)
    • Suggested motivational strategies based on learning type (Week Five)
  3. Apply places where at least three different course materials will be used as scholarly sources of support
  4. Be in APA format
  5. Include properly formatted title and references pages
  6. Utilize at least three scholarly sources
  7. Create enough detail in your report so it is presented in 9 to 12 pages of text, not including title and reference pages.

Carefully review the Grading Rubric for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment.

**All Week Assignments will be given to the tutor who is chosen **Outline linkhttps://awc.ashford.edu/writing-tools-outline.html

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