Open vs Closed Questions?

Open vs Closed Questions?

Closed questions have their place in crisis intervention. Change the following lead questions to ones that are targeted and look for specific, concrete responses. 

1. Client statement “I’m a loser in love. Loser on the job. Loser in life. I just wonder whether it’s worth it to keep on going.” 

Lead Question: “So right now you aren’t sure whether to go on. All those things have piled up and really got you down on yourself.” 

     Your Targeted Question:  ?  It seems as though you have a lot of things on your mind 

2. Client statement  “It’s just so hard. This is the third time I’ve been divorced and when I try to start dating again I’m only attracted to the same losers.  

Lead Question: “You are sorta wondering what is wrong with you” 

Your Targeted Question:    ?

3. Client statement: “I’ve tried everything to get off booze I tell you. Nothing has worked. Once and addict always an addict” 

Lead Question: “You really seem down on yourself?” 

Targeted Question:  ??  

Make sure to clearly identify your target questions for the 1,2, or 3 statements. 

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