Occupational therapy program essay

(little background on myself, before i decided to go into occupational therapy i was not pursuing any specific career i mainly took courses and prerequisites geared towards a medical degree. I decided i wanted to pursue occupational therapy after volunteering at VNA (visiting Nurse Association of Philadelphia) both in the inpatient unit and outpatient unit. My mind was not complete made up until i researched the field and all the aspects of it that i decided it was the career i wanted to pursue as a long term career. In general may personality I’m a caring person and genuinely enjoying helping others, I’m spontaneous, amicable, and enjoy learning new things) Please do not copy and paste this in the essay and call it part of the essay, but you can use the contents of it and words it better Requirement 1 1/2 page double , Times Roman Numerals, spaced thank you

1.why you selected Occupational Therapy as a career

2. how an OT degree relates to your immediate and long term professional goals.

3.Describe how your personal, educational and professional background will help you to achieve your goals.

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