Observation (6-8 Pages Paper)

This assignment is designed as an opportunity for you to put into action your skills in observing, recording, and making sense of real-world phenomena. It should be a mini “case study” that takes the form a “field observation diary.” It should be a coherent and stand-alone essay that

  • narrates a carefully designed event or process of observing some clearly delineated phenomenon related to media use or media effects,
  • records your observations of the phenomenon in a concrete and descriptive language, and
  • presents anauthentically real portrayal of the observed phenomenon.

Your observation may take place in one occasion (one setting in a single sitting, e.g., how students in a study area of the College Library incorporate their smartphone during a 2-hour study and discussion period) or multiple occasions (e.g., social interactions centered on televised sports in 3 different bars, or relationship-solidifying verbal exchanges during the multiple rounds of play of World of Warcraft in your apartment). Your essay should be based on no less than 2 hours of concentrated observations.

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