nursing unit 5 Differentiating Components of Health Assessment, health and medicine homework help

Unit 5 Differentiating Components of Health Assessment Please review the following data and differentiate subjective, objective, assessment, and plan data. Place the data under the appropriate component of the assessment. Submit the completed chart to the discussion forum

  • Bilateral breath sounds clear to auscultation
  • Consumes 75% of meals
  • Pneumonia
  • Fine needle aspiration of thyroid gland
  • Refer to pulmonology
  • Chronic bronchitis
  • “My throat is sore and I’m hoarse”
  • Hemoglobin 25
  • Sister with breast cancer
  • Relieve of chest pain with Tylenol
  • Back pain score 8/10 with radiation to legs
  • Skin warm and dry
  • “My head hurts”
  • Potassium 3.8
  • Refer to oncology
  • COPD
  • Left mastitis
  • Lateral curvature of thoracic spine
  • Productive cough x 10 days of green yellow sputum
  • Chest pain associated with activity

Subjective Data

Objective Data

Assessment (medical diagnosis)

Plan (orders)

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