Now that you have selected a project, you will begin to develop the “Project Charter” used to guide and support your work.


Now that you have selected a project, you will begin to develop the “Project Charter” used to guide and support your work. In this assignment, you will leverage the Project Charter outline found in your textbook in Chapter 2, pages 42 – 45. Also, look at the example on pages 46-47 of Chapter 2. Your charter should resemble this example. Remember, you are creating your charter based on the project YOU selected in week one. Please review the Project Charter in the PMBOK found in the Herzing 24/7 Library.

All assignments should be completed in a Word document using correct APA formatting (Headers, one-inch margins, and double spacing, title page and References page, etc.). Please complete the essay in a Microsoft Word document. Essays that are pasted into the Assignments area will not be accepted.   Points will be deducted for incorrect grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors. All assignments should be uploaded in the Assignment area.   Due to 11:59 pm on Sunday

Assignment File(s)

You may want to utilize templates for these documents; there are excellent free options available at the following sites:

  • ProjectManagement. (2018). Templates. [Webpage] Retrieved from
  • ProjectManagement Docs. (2018). Templates. [Webpage] Retrieved from<Project Name>

    <Class Name>

    <Student Name>


    Table of Contents

    2Project Purpose/Justification



    2Project Stakeholders


    2Project Success Criteria

    2Major Deliverables



    2Acceptance Criteria

    3Milestone Schedule


    3Summary Budget

    3Approval Requirements

    Project Purpose/Justification

    Planning a wedding


    <Insert text here>


    <Insert text here>

    Project Stakeholders

    Project Stakeholders – List all resources who have stake in the project success
    Stakeholder Description
    · Project Manager Responsible for the overall planning, execution and successful delivery of the project.


    <Insert text here>

    Project Success Criteria

    <Insert text here>

    Major Deliverables

    <Insert text here>


    <Insert text here>


    <Insert text here>

    Acceptance Criteria

    <Insert text here>

    Milestone Schedule

    Summary Milestone Schedule – List key project milestones relative to project start.
    Project Milestone Target Date (mm/dd/yyyy)
    · Project Start
    · Key Milestone
    · Key Milestone
    · Key Milestone
    · Key Milestone
    · Key Milestone
    · Project Complete


    High Level Rick – List high level project risk
    Risk Factor Project Impact

    (High, Med, Low)


    Summary Budget

    The following table contains a summary budget based on the planned cost components and estimated costs required for successful completion of the project.

    Summary Budget – List component project costs
    Project Component Component Cost

    Approval Requirements


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