Northeastern University Trump is Wrong If He Thinks Symphonies

The article is Trump is Wrong If He Thinks Symphonies Are superior

Please do not discuss your personal political opinions or critique the assigned work. Think about what the article is about: it engages with the (pervasive and problematic) notion that Beethoven and western classical music represent the pinnacle of art to many people. Some people–both today and historically–have used the idea that western classical music/Beethoven is superior to show that their culture is better or more important than other cultures. The fact that Beethoven/symphonies can represent western hegemony is something to consider: Why is this the case? What are the forces at play here? Perhaps all of this might remind you of the Broyles reading from week one. He discussed the concept of Beethoven-worship and the fact that Beethoven has come to mean and represent many different things. Thinking about different ways that the Beethoven myth is perpetuated today and how it often becomes political and is used as an argument for cultural superiority (or even genetic superiority in the case of the Nazis) is extremely relevant for this.

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