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Writing Assignment 3: Revisionist History

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to investigate a historical figure, event, or period through a new lens and consider how hi(stories) are developed.


Skills: The purpose of this assignment is to help you practice the following skills that are essential to your academic pursuits and your participation as an active global citizen. In this assignment, you will: 

  • Identify assumptions and consider how and why they formed 
  • Develop research tactics to discover new information and study 
  • Learn a balanced (Rogerian) approach to argument/persuasion 
  • Knowledge: This assignment will also help you become familiar with the following important content in this discipline. 
  • Alternative views on historical events and “truths” 
  • Exposure to multiple lenses 
  • Argumentative writing techniques effective in inquiring about different perspectives

Task: To complete this assignment, you will:

  • Select a historical event, figure, or period 
  • Identify the common assumptions and typical story regarding your selected event, figure, or period. (the “textbook” version may be helpful here).
  • Develop some questions for inquiry to rethink the event.
  • I.e. was this figure really the first? How might the event etc.. be misunderstood? What pieces of information are missing? Who is favored in the account?….
  • Collect research regarding alternative lenses, versions, missing information, or misunderstood knowledge. 
  • Research needs to be from credible sources 
  • Develop a balanced (Rogerian) argument in academic writing 
  • Clearly describes the common or popular story 
  • Describes why these assumptions may exist 
  • Presents the alternative or overlooked view
  • Considers why it is important to reconsider this history
  • Support the argument with clear specific evidence 
  • Use 2 credible sources to support 
  • Provide specific analysis and interpretation of the evidence 
  • Craft a 4-5 page written piece using the above information 
  • Use MLA format

An Outstanding Essay Will:

  • Clearly provide and develop the common assumptions and popular story 
  • Specifically, consider where this common perspective comes from. 
  • Present a critical alternative investigation of the popular story. 
  • Provide credible evidence to support the alternative lens.
  • Develop clear analysis, commentary, and response to the evidence.
  • Clearly note why it’s important to reconsider the historical event, figure, or period. Provide a clear critical claim toward the end of your piece.

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