Need help to write a Research in the Info Age – Discussion – Week 3

Watch the “Filter Bubbles” Ted Talk at:

In your initial post, respond to each of the following items:

Write a thesis or tentative focus statement for the video. If you need a refresher on thesis statements, look at the OWL website:

Identify at least one piece of evidence Pariser gives in support of the thesis or tentative focus statement you wrote above.

Search on any web search engine for genetically modified food. Take a screen shot of your results and paste it into your Discussion post. Indicate (if you don’t mind doing so) whether you occasionally or often conduct web searches on topics similar or related to genetically modified food. Finally, record what browser, search engine, and type of computer you used for your search.

Reflect on the information in the filter bubble video, your thesis statement, and the evidence Pariser provides. Explain why this information will or will not change how you do personal, topical research on the web. Explain why it will or won’t change how you approach assignment-related research on the web.

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