Need health and medical help with questions about Clones R Us (CRU)

Clones R Us (CRU) is a private company that describes itself as “the world’s leader in the cloning of exceptional pets.” CRU funded research at a local university that led to the 2010 birth of the world’s first cloned cat, a healthy kitten named CC (“CopyCat”). CRU is now offering cat cloning services to the public on a limited basis. In May 2013, CRU plans to begin cloning nine cats, with the resulting kittens delivered to their clients by November 2013. (Three of the cats to be cloned belong to CRU employees.) Some people think this is a great service to offer, while others are not so sure. Why do some people feel that cloning cats or any other living creature would be unethical? What are some of the reasons researchers give that support cloning? Which side would you take in the argument, and why would you choose that side?

Your response should be at least 200 words in length. Even if you use web help it must be put into your own words!

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