Need health and medical help with a 300 Word Discussion on Financial Reporting

Referencing the chapters in the text, and using evidence from at least one scholarly source for support answer the following questions.  

Text attached here:  03CH_Smith_Healthcare.pdf

If you were considering a capital investment, how would you utilize the information reported on your balance sheet, statement of revenue and expense, and statement of cash flows?

What determinations or decisions can be made with the information reported? 

Students, attached is Hartford Hospital annual report.  This annual report contains the organization’s financial reports.  Are there any large discrepancies in Hartford’s financial reports? Would you consider Hartford financially stable?  This will help you further understand financial reports.

Hartford report attached here:  HH_Annual_Report_2014.pdf

Please discuss your response, and include an APA citation from a minimum of one scholarly reference to support your 250-300 word post

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